News Flash ~ September 2012


Bella Notte Neighbors 
You asked for it,
We did it!

From the moment you make that
first turn into Bella Notte,

you are welcomed by the beauty of new:

 *Landscaping and Lighting at the Entrance

*Fountain and Light at the Retention Pond

*Pet Friendly Community complete with Doggy Bag Stations, 
Small and Large Dog Park with
Fresh Water and a Safe Unleashing area

*Community Park with Fruit Trees, Park Benches, Swing Set for Four and Picnic Tables

*Gorgeous Landscaping at the Pool

 *Resort Style Lounge Furniture, Shade Umbrellas, Sofas, Tables and Chairs at the Pool

*LifeStyle Fitness Center complete with

 Top of the Line Cardio Workout Equipment

* all new ~ 2
bikes, 2 treadmills, 2 cross trainer
* all cardio machines come with 4
different display screens to track your workout from start to finish
* pulley
machine added with touch screen video to allow for over 60 new exercises and

*instruction how to do each
* all machines I-Phone and I-Pod user friendly
* bring your headphones and listen to your music through the machine as you work out.
* all new machines come with a virtual trainer to help you through your work out
* download your work out at your house and bring it to the gym to be
transferred into the cardio machine
* new rubberized mats under each new piece of equipment
for safe and clean use of machines
* new rubberized weights for safe use
* new roman chair to work your legs and abs
* new incline bench to work your abs and chest
* new adjustable bench for use with free weights and pulley machine
* new pull up bar with configuration for multi-use

 * new large screen TV for your viewing pleasure!

We ask that you care for all of these neighborhood enhancements as

if they are an extension of your own home. 

Here are just a few reminders:


Please keep the gym clean

 Return all equipment to their original location

 Sanitizer wipes supplied to wipe down equipment after use

Bring a sweat towel to the gym because you will really get a work out!

 The Gym is for Bella Notte Residents only

Please do not share the code with other communities.



 Return pool chairs to proper locations

 Clean up after your pool picnic and avoid placing food on the cushions

Be sure to close the umbrellas at the end of your visit

Avoid standing on the pool furniture and remind children to treat the furniture with care
Please do not share the code with other communities.


All pets are to be on a leash (it's the law)

Pet owners must pick up after their dogs no matter the location

(tie a bag onto your leash)
Keep the Park and Common Area Clean

 If you see something wrong, jump in and fix it or report it


We took an ordinary neighborhood and turned it in
to an extraordinary neighborhood!


Thank you to the 30+ volunteers and the 2012 Bella Notte Board

for the hundreds of volunteered hours put forth to make all these enhancements happen. Alex of Rustic Brick Pavers for donating the patio in the safe dog unleashing area.

REW for the fresh water in the dog park.


*An extra special thank you to our neighbor

Rick Sumner

for countless hours negotiating and organizing the makeover of the pool and gym. 

ella Notte strives to be a family friendly community.

Neighbors reaching out to neighbors with a simple waive, picking up a newspaper, pulling trash cans up to the garage or looking out for your home while out of town. 

It all starts with the neighbor that makes a true Neighborhood!

This is our community, let's keep it
beautiful and friendly. for community news

Orlando, Florida 32836