Holiday Home Decorating Winners ~ 2012

What an amazing neighborhood!  The party was a big hit as was the 9 pots of chili, music, neighbors meeting and all those kids playing on the swings and tossing a ball in the park!

I couldn't be more thrilled with the amount of homes that have been decorated.  It's like entering Winter Wonderland with "snow" at the far end of Bella Notte.  Then to see the fountain and all the wonderful neighbors who decorated the backyard was just amazing. 

You all deserve to win but we only have 8 prizes and by community vote, the winners are........ drum roll please.................

8333 Via Verona ~ BigFin

9144 Via Bella Notte ~ BigFin

8768 Via Bella Notte ~ Bravo

8218 Via Bella Notte ~ Bonefish

8425 Via Bella Notte ~ Flippers Pizza

8327 Via Bella Notte ~ Tijuana Flats

8455 Via Bella Notte ~ TooJays

8449 Via Bella Notte ~ Flippers Pizza

Be sure to take a walk and enjoy the lights!

Posted by volunteer11 on 12/17/2012
Orlando, Florida 32836